Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hilsoft, Inc?

Hilsoft, Inc. is in the business of software research, engineering and development. We have been doing this for 17 years with over 1,000 users local and international.

What is the purpose of the company?

The company’s purpose is simple: to innovate in all aspects of delivering the best software product and service using cutting edge technologies and employing the best software methodology.

How is Hilsoft, Inc. different from other software companies?

We are focused in research and development. Our sales & marketing are represented by our product distributors and consultants. We are merely a software lab that employs right process fromidea generation, agile process development, market testing and final product release. We continuously enhance our products to support our consultants therefore make the end-users happy.

How come your website doesn’t have detailed product information?

Our product profiles are packaged by our consultants. You may call us directly at
+632-5763948 or email us at or so we can direct you to our product specialists who will be able to analyze your requirement and propose solutions to your business and operational problems.

How involved is Hilsoft, Inc. with its End-Users?

Apart from R&D, we have a dedicated product support team who attends to every end-user concern. We have awide-array of customer service schemes from direct email, text, call, on-site support and an online CRM/ticketing methodology.