So as a small business, you are now considering stepping up and start your digital transformation. Here are 3 basic IT infrastructure components and foundation including a checklist for each in enabling your business digitally for 2020.

  1. People – assign or hire the people who are going to manage or do the administration of each aspect of your IT infrastructure listed here.
  2. On-Premise Network Infrastructure and Security.  
    1. workstations, laptops, mobile phones
    2. Internet service – Intenet Service Provider (ISP) and Mobile data subscriptions
    3. network setup, wifi router, and LAN cables
    4. server – files, printer & backup
    5. security – firewalls and anti-viruses
    6. software licenses – operating systems (Windows, Mac or Linux), licenses for office apps
    7. backup – storage, media
  3. Cloud Infrastructure
    1. email subscriptions and office apps – Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365
    2. collaboration tools – Trello, Asana, Notion, etc.
    3. website – Bluehost, GoDaddy, WordPress
    4. cloud drive/backup – Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive

There you go. This only covers the foundation of your digital transformation for 2020.  

For our next posts, we will cover the basic checklist for a tech startup including tools and technologies you need to establish if you intend to build your tech product.