Most companies follow the standard.  They implement processes that are globally accepted.  They buy tools and solutions that are available off-the-shelf.  If everyone adapts every standard, then what will be your edge?

Below are some benefits of choosing to go for a customized ERP solution:

1. Uniqueness. While I agree that companies should follow the standard, it is okay to tweak it a little bit.  Find out inefficiencies and customize the standard according to what’s unique in your business.

By having a unique customized software solution, it will be your trade secret against your competitors.

In reality, there’s no one-size-fits-all software available in the market.  Yes, there are available parameterized software, but still, if the objective is to suit your unique process, then program customization is inevitable.

2. Integration. Another aspect that organizations need to look at is integration.  It’s always ideal that one has one huge ERP software that caters to all functional areas in the company but software vendors don’t do it that way.  They are still modular and it is still practical to combine several software solutions into one for flexibility and cost savings.  With this, integration is a must.  The software vendor should always allow integration with other applications and/or create APIs, export/import facilities to do so.

3. Extensibility.  Everything changes fast.  And it is important to adapt to every change the market or the technology dictates.  An off-the-shelf system most of the time does not accommodate changes later on, yes they release new versions but it may not be the exact features that you need.

4. Support.  Most off-the-shelf software in the Philippines is imported.  They are managed and distributed by third-party resellers.  These resellers are limited in terms of the extent of customizations that they can offer.  Local software developers can offer off-the-shelf + customizations since they have the source codes with them.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right local developer and mature enough to understand and serve the local market.

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