In a report published by HR Tech, here are the top 10 HR Tech Disruptions for 2018:
1. Automation to Productivity – from previous years, the only focus on HR technology was to automate and integrate HR practices but now, there’s a wide range of cloud-based HRMS and payroll vendors are available in the market.2. Acceleration of HRMS and HCM Cloud Solutions – HCM software is emerging that will be more like “team management” and less like “talent management”. 3. Continuous Performance Management – building a new, ongoing process for goal setting, coaching, evaluation and feedback. 4. Feedback, Engagement, and Analytics Tools reign – engagement has become a dynamic world of real-time survey systems, sentiment analysis software, organizational network analysis (ONA) tools and products that automatically give real-time coaching. 5. Reinvention of Corporate Learning is here – new corporate learning tools that include experience platforms, micro-learning platforms, modernized LMS systems, and new AI-based systems to recommend, find and deliver learning. 6. Recruiting Market is Thriving with Innovation – tools for recruitment is being revolutionized by creating a more automated applicant tracking system, and better assessments.

7. The Well-being Market is Exploding – new tool to improve engagement, productivity, and well-being in one simple concept. 8. People Analytics Evolve – fundamental shift from “PhD People Analytics Projects” to more business-oriented programs that will help study the sales performance, team performance, and other business critical issues.

9. Intelligent Self-Service Tools – fast changing systems that can bring case management, document management, employee communications, and help-desk interactions into one into one integrated architecture.

10. Innovation with HR – rapid growth in innovation projects within HR teams. HR professionals are now becoming disruptors learning new strategies, using new models, and techniques to recruit and coach people.




Recruiting software · April 2, 2018 at 11:26 am

Liked the article. All the 10 points you mentioned in the article are amazing especially the last point. Innovation with HR is the need today. There are already present numbers of applicant tracking systems and other HR tools that are helping recruiters in finding the right candidates.

    hilsoftadmin · May 17, 2018 at 3:23 am

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