I wanted to know how Hilsoft can innovate with this medium

Wearable computing is continuing to emerge and one of them is the smartwatch. I want to share my personal experience with it. As an operations guy in a service-oriented company, I receive an average of 10 email notifications, about 30 texts and 5 calls per hour hence I need to hold my phone all the time. Having a smartwatch is redundant during peak hours of operations.

That being said, I decided to just disconnect my smartwatch during that period and make it just a plain watch. Also, it’s awkward to always look at my watch when in a meeting, I seem to always be in a hurry.

The only time I connect my watch online is when I walk. I hate to hold my phone while walking so its always in my pocket. Plus using your phone in public is risky especially in this country. When in the pocket, notifications and vibrations are difficult to hear so it’s really convenient to have a glance at your watch instead of pulling it out from your pocket or bag.

Another opportunity to use a smartwatch is when at home. With its absence, I would always get up from my bed or a sofa to check my phone from time to time.

But the real reason I tried this wearable is to seek for its potential. I wanted to know how Hilsoft can innovate with this medium. Here are some of my ideas when your hands are full:

1. Business intelligence, as a businessman, sometimes I worry how our finances and operations are doing, real time. It will be very handy to have a quick way to inquire about a financial indicator. Worry-free in a snap.

2. Online approval. An enterprise application with workflow approval shall be a nice feature for mobile entrepreneurs.

3. Mobile payment. Useful when paying in a grocery while holding those grocery bags.

4. Music streaming. As much as possible I don’t want to be holding my phone while running or working out. I also hate phones attached to my arms. A smartwatch with a music player connected to wireless Bluetooth earphones will do the trick.

5. Diving smartwatch. Imagine if you can send and receive texts underwater or while snorkeling or enjoying your swim.

Dennis M. Hilario is the Founder & Managing Partner of Hilsoft, Inc. a software development R&D Lab in the Philippines.

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