Hilsoft, Inc. made a general market segmentation years ago so we can be guided in answering critical customer needs.

We work together when providing solutions to customers, we study them, analyze and listen to their needs. This is a list of personalities that should serve as a guide for market niching of a business software product.

  1. AUTOMATION SEEKERS — they are Jurassic and old school. They are the ones who are really late in adapting computer and automation. When we talk to them, we focus on the basics of computer automation and the benefits they will get from it.
  2. UPGRADE SEEKERS — this is kinda similar to automation seekers but different in a sense that they are the ones who already have established automation but feeling incomplete. They are aware that there are holes in their processes that need to be attended hence they need to upgrade.
  3. SUPPORT SEEKERS — These segment of customers are anxious about their future. They need support and they want it immediately. a lot of startup software providers in the country close shop in five years so it results to the users having no one to call. Some other customers have a secured maintenance agreement with the provider but the provider is too busy to attend to them immediately. With this kind, we ensure them thru good SLA details and dedicated customer support.
  4. TECHNOLOGY SAVVY — These are companies who have technology savvy owners. They are too techie that they want to have fancy features like the ability to view business performance anytime and anywhere. We talk to them by giving them demos online and mobility capabilities.
  5. COST SENSITIVE — These are users who couldn’t afford outright capital expenditures and who are looking for leasing options. These are one of the customer segments of SAAS model.
  6. CONSOLIDATION SEEKERS — These are companies with multi-branches and locations and require consolidation and centralized information.
  7. BIR COMPLIANCE — They are the ones required by the BIR to apply for Computerized Accounting System mostly Large Tax Payers (LTP).

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