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There are a lot of off-the-shelf and/or accounting software in the market but what I notice is that startups or even small businesses in the Philippines are hesitant to try. A few years ago or even up to now, institutions particularly banks are looking to partner with software developers who have an off-the-shelf system for printing checks. I can’t help but wonder why there is a few available on the market.

Capturing transactions real-time is one of the major challenges in any business operation. And a lot of small businesses are writing checks and invoices manually. I would like to believe that this is the first step in automation, being able to print documents than write them manually. Enough worrying about the entire system but focus on building a system in accounting gradually. Once a small business is already familiar with software and technology, then defining reporting requirement is the next step.

Below is I think an ideal accounting software implementation for a startup or a small business in the Philippines::

1. Automate transaction writing. Start with check writer and invoice writer.
2. Define chart of accounts (account titles)
3. Define reporting requirements such as income statement, check register, aging of receivables
4. Automate receipt writing with matching of receivables and journal voucher
5. Implement controls and learn how to reconcile cash and accounts.
6. Automate tax report generation.

With this, Hilsoft wanted to support startup businesses by developing a product designed to be built gradually from the steps above. It comes with options such as a check writer, invoice writer, PO writer to a full accounting software. Part of the service is a free orientation session every Fri 2–5pm.

Hilsoft’s Snap Accounting is now readily available in the Philippines nationwide. For details, see link below:
Easy Accounting Software in the Philippines

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