Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software to integrate back office business processes and facilitate the flow of information within an organization. ERP can help start up, micro or small businesses to standardize and automate their processes in a very efficient way. With ERP, company can save time and money because of its integrated approach to managing business processes.

And since more organizations realized that they need ERP software, the question is how do they find the right ERP solution for their business? What questions should be considered during the selection process?

1. What software solution do you need for your business?
You must identify what functionality will you require for your business. You will need ERP to handle your business needs but failure to meet the functions that your company needs will lead to wasted resources.

2. Does the ERP system integrate well with your other system?
You must determine if the ERP can integrate easily with your other systems so you can easily share date across applications.

3. Do you have the resources necessary for the implementation?
Involving stakeholders during the implementation and training will guarantee success especially in maintaining the solution after the deployment.

4. Have you considered total cost of ownership?
You must determine the total cost from software implementation to the total costs of ownership and maintenance, licensing, training and support.

5. Do you have the right team for deployment?
This is the crucial part, you have to make sure that team who will do the deployment should have the experience and solid references in implementing solutions for your business.

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