Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software engineered to collect, organize, and interpret data from variety of business activities which includes: Customer Relations, Supply Chain, Inventory, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, and Engineering.

The idea of using ERP is to help larger organizations become more agile, efficient, and to make data driven decisions result to better business outcome. The compiled ERP data is presented in a dashboard that decision makers can be use to monitor and manage their business real time.

ERP systems are designed to provide overviews of the applications running in an organizations’ networks. ERP can also track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and integrate business departments by tracking workflow, identifying duplication, and ensuring data integrity.

But to be able to make ERP helpful to your company, you must identify what software solutions does your organization needs, here are the three levels to match it:

ERP as a system or a single solution relied upon for all of an organization’s software needs.

ERP as a supplement may be integrated with existing software or tools.

ERP as modules or collections of related software (Marketing/Sales or Finance/Accounting), may be used for critical business functions but also integrated with existing software that may be separate or possess a different level of sophistication or focus.

Also, ERP software can provide on demand real-time snapshot of your business backside that can provide competitive advantage. With ERP, organization can save time collecting and entering data, generate report both for managers and investors, and work outside the office but can be monitored anytime, anywhere.

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