Accounting Software have become an integral part when it comes to financial management. This tool have improved the way businesses complete their accounting responsibilities. On which majority of companies prepare themselves to change their accounting management to the cloud.

Although there are various software packages and pricing plans available in the market, it is still important  to consider factors before investing a software solution for your company. And these include your budget and what system does your business needs.

Pricing based on deployment

One-time paymenta pricing plan that most on-premise or desktop software providers offer. While this package involves a large capital expenditure to get started, this can be a cheaper alternative for companies that can install, configure, and maintain their accounting tools without external help.

Saas Subscription – is  pay-as-you-go service that charges users with flat rate periodically; making it easier for companies to stay within the budget in their accounting program investment.

Annual Subscription – offers a 10-20% discount on yearly subscriptions vs monthly to save operational cost.

Monthly Subscription – similar to annual subscription but monthly subscription comes with basic plan, mid-range option with additional capabilities, and a premium that offers upgrades.

Freemium – a pricing scheme that lets users operate application for free but charges for additional features or services.

Pricing based on Business Size

Small Business – require basic accounting tools to accomplish bookkeeping tasks which make it more affordable. It include features like credit card payments, time tracking, accounting automation, and project budget preparation. It also has 30-day risk-free trials so clients may experience what the application has to offer.

Enterprise – it offers all functionalities that small business accounting tools can provide, except it is designed to accommodate larger amount of data and wider selection of integrations. It is also accessible across multiple platforms that has advanced capabilities to perform complex processes. The pricing for this plan is by quote because of the customize package based on the tools needed. It is also inclusive of 24/7 operations, upgrades, and enhancements, and IT support.

Hilsoft Inc., is a team of specialists and software engineers who believe in innovation and inspired to bring impact in the community. Focused in becoming the leading software innovator not only in the Philippines but in Asia as well, they have created an ERP that can reduce 50% of working time of preparing checks in a snap!

Hilsoft Snap Accounting is a software solution that allows you to personalize your reports and has all transactions for check writing such as purchase order, sales invoice, sales and receipts.

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