According to the latest report by The Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Benchmarks which assessed more than 3,000 digital campaigns since its launch in Southeast Asia in 2015, found that in the first half of 2017 more than nine in 10 (91%) digital ad campaigns leveraged mobile, and mobile achieved higher on target success than total digital and desktop benchmarks for all reported age benchmarks in the Philippines.

For digital ads targeting the age bracket of 18-49 reached at least 81% of their intended audience are spending time using mobile while 77% are for digital and 59% are using desktop.

But for the campaigns targeting consumers with the age bracket of 21-34 which were served via mobile devices hit the mark 81% of the time surpassing desktop and total digital performance which only reached audiences with 41% and 73% accuracy.

“The increase in mobile advertising reflects the growing penetration of mobile and the mobile-first habits of consumers in the Philippines,” says Tin Amper, Nielsen’s Head of Media Client Service in the Philippines. “While historically, ads served on desktops have had great success in reaching intended audiences than mobile, marketers have made considerable progress in rapidly increasing mobile’s on-target performance in the past year.”

She also added that mobile might be winning today but tomorrow can be a different scenario. As consumers’ media habits evolve, marketers need to consider all the screens when trying to reach their target audience. She believes that these benchmarks can help media planners/buyers and sellers better evaluate and optimize their reach online.

The Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Benchmarks and Findings Report serves as guidance for individual campaign effectiveness compared to marketplace averages across total digital, desktop-only, and mobile-only for age and gender demographics, age spans, advertiser categories, and site-type (publishers, platforms/ad networks).

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