For the past 17 years, Hilsoft, Inc. has been in the business of software research, engineering and development with over 3,000 users both local and international. They believe that thru innovation and inspiration, they can bring an impact to the community.

What makes Hilsoft ERP exceptional? Read on and find out. In the end, you might want to try it out.

The product is flexible. Hilsoft ERP is designed to be adapting to customer requirements and its licensing service model.

Hilsoft ERP has versions per industry. It has evolved according to the industry. The team has identified all unique processes and carefully identified and branched it to adapt products.

Hilsoft releases new versions every week. With the world’s fast-paced economy and quick changes in requirements, the product evolves almost every week. And because of the team’s agile nature, it ensures versions that are properly managed and tested on every release.

It’s integratable with any applications. Hilsoft ERP has done integrations with any type of applications from third party POS, inventory software, door security locking system, to fuel pumps, to name a few. With their software team who can interpret any protocol, they have the capability to integrate with any data capture method.

Hilsoft ERP captures scanned documents real-time. Pioneered in digital document attachment and now used by big enterprises in processing approval such as high volume of checks, purchase orders and billing transactions.

In addition to the listing above, Hilsoft ERP has managed to innovate automated data capture and artificial intelligence space.

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