If you’re still a beginner in programming, here are some helpful tips that you might want to check:

  1. When tasked to do an app with a new and unfamiliar framework, download and run a hello word sample first. Then set up the best IDE practice, build and deploy the tools.
  2. When there’s a bug, use a log file to trace the error. In Java, we use #printStackTrace, it prints the line number where the Exception occurred. Trace it back by using step back, up to the user input. Use Debug mode if using and IDE, if not, insert Debug msgs that print variable values to pin point the process that resulted the bug. Make it simple, programming is simply input, process and output.
  3. Before starting to code a difficult algorithm, put it in drawing board first to come up with a solution. Never sit down and code without resolving the pseudo code.
  4. When you’re researching on something, a new tool, framework, library thru forums/articles for a day, escalate at the end of the day. Post questions online. ask your co programmer or ask your boss.
  5. When tasked to do a new app with no knowledge about the functions but user stories, reverse-engineer an existing one. Download free similar apps, user manual and any online material. It will serve as a template.
  6. When debugging a user issue and couldn’t replicate the error, debug using the client data. Sometimes, bug occur based on scenarios.
  7. Unit tests and automated tests are time consuming.
  8. When deploying and/ presenting to your boss or client, stimulate the entire software workflow three times with different test cases. It will boost your confidence when presenting. It’s better if you ask for a test criteria before simulating.
  9. When customizing a form or report, make it exact. Exact margins, line widths, height and logos size will decrease chances of revisions.
  10. Be mindful of field validation rules and field format. Amount is normally right aligned and #, ##0.00. Set required fields properly.

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