Here are some new developments for Hilsoft, Inc.

Hilsoft Management Team L-R: Toby Mijares (Implementation Partner), Tracie Angara (Support Partner), Reian Evangelista (Team Lead), Luz Cuevas (Finance and Admin), Jaymark Cruzat (Team Lead), Jess Maat (Team Lead), Alan San Miguel ( Accounts Mgt and HR Partner)

Payroll+HR Commercialization Plan

Hilsoft’s business development group is now finalizing its plan for the Payroll+HR System to be available in the market by early 2015.

Implementation of Various New Clients for Q4

Hilsoft is busy with the implementation of various new accounts such as:

  • a prestigious resort in Subic for their hotel management
  • a group of cafes, restaurants, and bar implementing POS and back-end systems
  • a known religious group implementing accounting software nationwide
  • a fruit distribution company in Binondo
  • a TV cable distribution company
  • a group of companies with wine distribution, magazine distribution, holdings and transport
  • a concessionaire of apparel and a concessionaire of hardware supplies
  • various service companies.

ERP Cloud Model

Hilsoft is now in the works for the development of a new and improved ERP for the cloud for a partner company.

API Updates

Hilsoft is upgrading its API Documentation and JSON APIs to be available for third-party developers.

Hilsoft Labs & Strategic Plan 2015

Hilsoft is in the finalization stage of Hilsoft Labs concept and departmental and company-wide goals, strategies and action plans for 2015.

Christmas Party on Dec 18 (Thu)

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