When you say “accounting software”, the first thing that comes to mind is, costly. Accounting software nowadays have been an indispensable tool when it comes to financial management. With this, business owners believe that it is important to integrate their accounting software to improve their bottom line.

Although there are options and various companies that offer software packages, owners, especially startups still end up asking how much an Accounting system will cost. For startups, it is crucial to choose what platform to invest with or which company should they trust.

Hilsoft Inc., a Filipino-owned software company offers a software platform called Snap Accounting for as low as $20, or Php1,000 a month. Hilsoft Snap Accounting is an accounting software that can perform standard accounting functions such as check preparation, billing, invoicing and financial statement preparation. It also allow its users to automate their company’s organization functions from accounting to inventory.

But not all startups can afford and will purchase, instead, they will just choose the module they needed. That is why, Hilsoft Inc.’s CEO and Founder Dennis Hilario thought of an option to simply avail the specific module that they need. For example, they need to get the check preparation module, they can avail it for $5 or Php250 a month only. Not bad at all. It’s a great deal for startups. Or if they want to add up another module, then they just have to pay the price of every module and not the whole package. Not just user-friendly but budget-friendly as well.

Today, Hilsoft Inc., is updating its Snap Accounting apps (check writer, invoice writer, sales receipts, purchase order writer, billing statement, automatic VAT & withholding tax computation, journal vouchers, batch pricing and transaction registers) to include POS (point of sale), inventory, and general ledger that will have a soft launch in June and will officially be launched in September.



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