Hilsoft Inc. joins Slingshot PH, a yearly event to boost the startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

Hilsoft Inc. first shot at Slingshot PH

From Left: Paul Lido (co-founder, CIN), Hilsoft CEO Dennis Hilario, Hilsoft Cebu GM Mikee Morado, Ryan Hermosilla (co-founder, CIN)

Hilsoft Inc. had its first shot at Slingshot PH in Cebu last August 8, 2017, witnessing the tremendous support of the government as far as support for new technology-based businesses is concerned. Slingshot PH gave Hilsoft Inc. assurance and stronger aspiration to create more innovative IT solutions, extend help and expertise to startup tech companies and other organizations, and support tech communities like the Cebu Innovation Network (CIN), which is the first innovation network in the country.

CIN was one of the exhibitors at the Slingshot PH event which the Hilsoft founder, Mr. Dennis HIlario, met. Mr. Hilario was fascinated by the passion and drive of the members to organize both technology and non-technology groups based in Cebu that is loosely connected. The network, according to one of its founders, “operates on two principles: the principle of sharing and the principle of innovation promotion. Active innovation (AI) and homeostatic harmonic reciprocity (HHR) are bedrock principles of CIN as a network per se of communities.”

Our local government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) did a great job in organizing Slingshot PH, a yearly event to boost the startup ecosystem in the country. The huge success of the recently concluded Slingshot PH at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel in Cebu City was a validation of the initiatives for the development of the ecosystem in Cebu, as shown by an overwhelming support from other local government units, academe, business owners, and innovative startup communities.

Hilsoft expressed its utmost support for the sustainability of this “super community of technovation communities in Cebu and Central Visayas.” It is one of the company’s responses as well to the call of the government and DTI to help boost the startup ecosystem in the country, digitally transform IT and non-IT services, challenge entrepreneurship, disrupt business mindset, and comply with local governance.

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